Add Live Chat to WordPress Site

Now you can easily add Website Live Chat to your WordPress site using our WordPress Plugin.  Adding live chat to your WordPress site lets you quickly answer your website visitor questions, share information, and solve visitor issues.  Create loyal customers with live chat for WordPress.

In this article we'll show you the easiest way to add a live chat plugin to any WordPress site.  Using this plugin you can chat with your WordPress visitors from Microsoft Teams, Slack, or Webex.  

Adding Live Chat to WordPress

Our Live Chat plugin has the benefit of natively integrating with the messaging apps you already use in your company - Microsoft Teams, Webex, and Slack.  So if you use either of these at your company, this is the perfect solution so that you don't need to learn another app and keep focused on the collaboration tools you already use.  You won't have to switch between your internal corporate collaboration tools and your external live chat with our WordPress plugin.

To get started, first go to our website at and click either 'Add to Slack' or 'Add to Microsoft Teams'.

WordPress Live Chat PluginIf you want to use our Microsoft Teams live chat integration you can follow this article for more details on the initial set up.

If you use Slack, then you can follow this set up article to get your Live Chat for Slack account set up.

If you use Webex, then follow this set up article.

Once you have the base integration completed, then you can install our Live Chat WordPress plugin and enter your API Key.  We'll show you these steps next.

Finding your WordPress Plug API Key

Now that you've set up an account in Social Intents for WordPress for either Slack or Teams, you'll want to grab your WordPress API key which you will copy into the WordPress plugin settings.  We'll go through the details of finding your WordPress Plugin API key for Microsoft Teams, Webex, and Slack users below.

For Microsoft Teams Users

If you are using our Live Chat for Microsoft Teams app, you can find your code snippet under your Chat Settings.  Click on the Live Chat app in the let sidebar (or add it if you haven't yet to your team), and then go to your Live Chat settings.  Click on the Install Code Snippet tab in the settings to find the key:

WordPress Microsoft Teams

For Slack and Webex Live Chat Users

If you are a Live Chat for Slack or Web Chat user, login to your Social Intents account and click on the Install Code Snippet Link in the lefthand navigation:

WordPress Plugin DashboardYou'll see a popup that will display your WordPress API Key:

WordPress API KeySave this API key for use in the next step below.

Adding Live Chat plugin WordPress

Next we will add the Live Chat plugin to WordPress.  Go to your WordPress admin site and then to the Plugin link.  Click on the Add New button to add a plugin.

WordPress Plugin Settings

Now, search for the plugin named: 'Live Chat for Microsoft Teams and Slack', then click 'Install Now'

Once installed, click on 'Settings' in the Plugin

Now you'll see a text field called Your app key.  This is where you will put the API Key that you retrieved in the Your WordPress API key section above.

Copy this key in then slick 'Save Settings'.

WordPress Api Key Setting

Your Live Chat for WordPress Plugin Set Up is complete!

Congratulations, you now have your WordPress site integrated with Live Chat for Teams or Slack.  Now you can answer your WordPress site visitor questions right from each of these collaboration tools.