Start a Microsoft Teams Chat with a link

Our Live Chat app for Microsoft Teams makes it easy to start a live chat right from a link where your visitors, students, or customers only need a link to chat with you.

When you add our Live Chat app to Microsoft Teams we automatically create a live chat widget that you can deploy on your website to chat with your customers and website visitors. 

We've had a lot of our customers especially professors, teachers and non-profits want a way to give people a direct link out so others can chat with them right from Microsoft Teams.  We support this using our standalone chat url.

Here's how to set up your standalone chat url

After adding our Live Chat app to the team of your choice by searching for Live Chat in the Microsoft Teams app market, go to your left sidebar.  Also add the Live Chat app to your personal settings.

Add live chat using the 3 horizontal dots in the left sidebar.  Click the side bar then search for Live Chat in the search menu.

Once added, go to your Chat Settings.  On the general tab you'll see the option to add a standalone chat suffix and save it.  Once you save your personalized Microsoft Teams live chat url, you're ready to chat with people directly in Teams.  All they have to do is use the this standalone link to chat with you.

An example Live Chat link looks like this when clicked:

Once your visitor enters their information and clicks start chat, you can respond right from Microsoft Teams.