Using Dialogflow Rich Responses like Image Responses and Card Responses in your Chatbot

You can easily add Dialogflow Rich Responses including Image Responses and Card Responses to your website chatbot.  Our Dialogflow Chatbot solution supports Rich Responses for Slack, Google Assistant, and Telegram and we'll display these as messages to your website chatbot visitors.

Now you can leverage the power of the Dialogflow platform rich response types in a web based chat without any custom coding or custom response payloads in Dialogflow.

To get started you can create your first chatbot by following the directions in our Build a Chatbot for your website with Dialogflow article.  Once you have your website chatbot functional, you can now build out your Intents with Rich Responses.

Rich Responses can be used to provide the end-user with more than just text responses. There are a variety of response types to choose from. For example, you can show images, or provide buttons. 

Creating your first Rich Response

When building an agent, it is most common to use the Dialogflow Console (visit documentation, open console). The instructions below focus on using the console. To access intent response data:

  1. Go to the Dialogflow Console.
  2. Select your agent.
  3. Select Intents in the left sidebar menu.
  4. Select an intent.
  5. Scroll down to the Responses section.

With our integration, you can select any of the additional platforms including Google Assistant or Slack platforms.  Simply fill out the appropriate information in these response types and we'll send these responses to your website visitors.

For example, the Default Welcome Intent below uses a Default text response combined with a Dialogflow Slack Card to show text and a button list to the visitor.

Dialogflow Text Response

Here's the Card Response to display to the website visitor in their chat.  

And this is what the response looks like in our web based chatbot.  As you can see when they click on Free Trial, the "free trial" intent is matched and flows into the conversation.

Dialgoflow Chatbot with Slack Card Responses

Currently we support these Dialogflow Rich response types:

Slack Responses

  • Text Response
  • Image Response
  • Card Response
  • Quick Replies

Google Assistant:

  • Simple Response
  • Basic Card Response
  • Suggestion Chips
  • Link Out Suggestion
  • List Response


  • Text Response
  • Image Response
  • Card Response
  • Quick Reply Response

You can combine these response types and we'll display these in order in the Dialogflow Chatbot.

That's it!  Get started now with your Dialogflow Chatbot with Rich Responses!