Adding a Live Chat Widget Tab to Microsoft Teams

Our Live Chat app for Microsoft Teams is a perfect solution for businesses to chat with their website visitors.  We've found that some teams also have a use for our customer facing Live Chat widget within Microsoft Teams itself as a way to offer support directly to other team members within the organization.  This would be similar to an intranet scenario where you are supporting other people in your organization with Teams.

Typically when you add our Live Chat Tab to your Team like in this article, you add a live chat console tab where your agents in this team can answer chats from your website visitors who chat with you using a web chat widget.

In some cases you may want to add a customer Live Chat widget right within a Team so that your team members can chat with you from a different team.

As an example, say you have a large organization and offer tech support to teams within your company.  In this scenario you could add a Support tab to one of your teams that displays your Live Chat.  This way, any person can chat with your tech support team privately without posting directly to a larger public team.

In addition, if you are offering feedback to other members in your organization but don't want these posts directly in the main feed, you can set up the Live Chat as a tab within Teams.

Here's an example of what a new Website Tab could look like.

To do this, follow these directions.

1.  Create your Live Chat Standalone URL

You can create a standalone chat url to add live chat to any link, email signature, or social media post.  In this case we're creating the url to use in a Website Tab in teams.

Go to your Live Chat Setting from the left sidebar in Teams (once you've added our live chat app to teams).  Scroll down until your see the Standalone Chat URL.  The first time you go here, you will choose a unique short name for your live chat.  Once saved, we'll great your chat URL using this name.

In our case, you see that our standalone URL is:

2. Add the Website Tab app to your team

Now go to your team where you'd like to have users chat with you using our live chat and click on the '+' button on the top of the team to add an app.    Then search for Website, since you are adding a reference to your standalone chat url.

Then paste your Standalone Chat URL into the website location:

3. Now you have a tab to displays your Live Chat

Now others in your team can chat with you using the live chat app.  You can route your live chat to any other team or channel so that members chatting from this Tab don't have to have access to the Team you're actually answering