Setting up Audio and Visual Notifications of Live Chats in Microsoft Teams

1. Turn on your channel banner and feed notifications.

By default, new post notifications are turned off. To make sure you never miss a live chat request, turn on your channel notifications. Just click the 3 dots on the right side of the channel you want to receive the notifications in. Then on the popup, choose All New Posts: 'Banner and feed', then Save.  This will cause you to see a desktop popup notification on Windows or Mac of any new Live Chat request.  Note that this will NOT create an audio or sound notification, just a visual one.

Turn on notifications in Microsoft Teams

You can also choose to display notifications 'Only in feed'. Either will work fine

2. Turn on your Teams sound notifications.

If you also want to receive an audio alert when a new chat request is sent, you can do this in your personal settings.  Every team member wanting to do this will have to follow these directions.

On the top right side of Teams, select Profile, then Settings.  On the popup screen choose Notifications, then scroll down to the Notification Sounds setting.  Choose 'All' to receive a sound notification for all new channel messages.  This setting applies to your profile system wide, meaning that you will hear an audible sound for every new conversation post.

Audio notifications in Microsoft Teams

Now you should receive visual and audio notifications of new chats in Microsoft Teams.