How to Change which Teams Channel your Live Chats are Routed To

With our Microsoft Teams Live Chat application you can easily configure where your website live chats are routed.  You can have your website live chat send to one particular Team and Channel within Teams or you can set up department based or group based routing to route to a Team and Channel based on your visitor selection in a pre-sales dropdown list.

Access your Live Chat Settings in Teams

First head over to your Live Chat settings in Teams.  To find your Live Chat settings, click on the horizontal 3 dots in the left sidebar then search under Find an app for 'Live Chat'.

Live Chat Teams Settings

Then click on the Live Chat Settings tab in the Live Chat app settings.  Under the General link, you will see a field called Route Chats to Team.  This is where you set up your default Live Chat routing from your website chat to a Team and Channel.  Note that we will list the Team Name then a dash then the Channel name.  If no channel name is included, then we will route chats to the default General channel under the Team.

If you don't see your Team or Channel name listed, make sure that you add the Live Chat tab using the '+' at the top of the page under that specific Team and Channel.  You will need to add the Live Chat tab to every channel you want listed in the drop down list.  Finally, make sure that the Team and Channel are both public as well as we will only have visibility to public channels in Microsoft Teams.

Live Chat Teams Routing

Once you select the Team and channel to route to, all new chat requests will be sent here.

Department Based Routing

Did you know you can also create Departments or Groups for you live chat and based on the visitor selection on the pre-sales page, route chat requests to a specific Team and Channel?

You can set up these departments from your Chat Settings page.  Just add your Department name then select which Teams channel you'd like to map this department to.  From the Live Chat Settings tab select the Customize Text link in the chat navigation.  Scroll down to the 'Groups/Departments Text' field.  Enable the field then enter the display name for the department and the Team and Channel that you wish to route to.  Click the Add button to the right of the routing to add this new item to the list in the drop down.  

The visitor will be able to select one of these departments in the pre-sales page in order to enable your skills-based or department-based routing.

Not seeing your Channels or Teams?

See this article for directions on syncing your channels.