Wix Freebies - How to Offer a Freebie or Download for new leads in Wix

When creating lead magnets using our Wix Conversion Popup app, offering your visitors freebies, case studies, PDF's, or additional enticements can be very helpful.  There are a couple ways you can do this with our application.

Welcome Emails with Freebies Attached

The first freebie option would be to send your new leads a welcome email with a freebie attached to the email.  This can be set up using a Wix Automation and Conversion Popup easily. You can see details in our article here.  We go into more details in the article, but it's easy to set up automatic welcome emails with the Wix Automations feature.

Subscription Confirmation Page with Link

The next option to offer incentives to your new subscribers to your Conversion Popup Email Collection template is to create a confirmation page in the popup that includes a link to your website page with your freebies in it.  This page can excluded from your website navigation so other users would not see it.

To do this, make sure you've added the Conversion Popup application to your Wix Editor and choose the Collect Email Template.

Next, in the fields tab go to the Confirm Text/HTML page and enter the HTML link where you would like to direct your new leads.

You would enter something like this in that field.  This would display a link to the subscriber to the giveaway.

Thanks for subscribing!  <a target=‘_blank' href=‘https://www.yourpage.com/yourfreebie.html'>Here’s your freebie!</a>  <br>

This would allow you to offer incentives and freebies to your Wix website visitors easily.