How to send Welcome Emails to new Wix Leads Using Automations

In this article, we show you how you can use Conversion Popup to gather leads and send your subscribers a Welcome email right from Wix using Wix Automations.  

Step 1:  Add Conversion Popup to your Wix website

First go to your Wix editor and add the Conversion Popup app to your website.  Keep the default Collect Email template enabled and customize the app to collect the fields you'd like to capture like name, email, and phone.  We will automatically add your new leads to your Wix Contacts.

Step 2. Create a Wix Automation to Send Welcome Emails

Next, go to your Wix website and to the Customer Management link.  Choose Automations to set up your Welcome Email Automation.  Choose the Contact Form option as your app and Trigger every time a Visitor submits a form as below.

Step 3.  Choose your Wix Automation Action

Select the Send email to visitors Action and customize your settings and Email Template for your business.

Choose 'Immediately' as the time to send this action.  Click 'Save' and you're all set!

Now any new subscribers you capture via the Conversion Popup app will be sent Welcome Emails.

If you'd like to send these leads to external systems like MailChimp or a CRM, check out this article.