Map a Department to a specific Teams channel

With our Microsoft Teams integration you can choose which Team and Channel any live chat is directed to.  When setting up live chat initially, you can add the live chat tab to the channel you want your requests to go to.  To change this routing at any time, you can do this right from your live chat settings.

If you don't see your preferred channel in the list, make sure to add the Live Chat tab to that channel first.

Mapping Departments to Teams Channels

Did you know you can also create Departments or Groups for you live chat widget and map each to a separate Teams channel?

You can set up these departments from your Chat Settings page (get to this from the 3 dots on the left sidebar).  Just add your Department name then select which Teams channel you'd like to map this department to.

Once you turn the Group/Department pre-sales question on, you'll see a dropdown in your Pre-Sales page for Departments.  All chat requests will be routed to the configured Team channel.

Not seeing your Channels or Teams?

See this article for directions on syncing your channels.