Not Seeing My Microsoft Teams Channels when Mapping My Live Chat Departments

When you set up your Live Chat for Microsoft Teams integration the first time and add your Live Chat tab to a specific Team, we automatically sync this teams list to your Live Chat settings on our side so you see them in the Live Chat settings.  You can then choose a Team and channel to route all requests to as below.

In addition, you can set up Department level mappings in your Chat Settings under the Customize Text tab.  This allows a visitor to choose a Department from the pre-sales page and route to the correct team.

Not Seeing all of your Teams and Channels?

We've created a Refresh Teams button located under your chat settings that you can use to force a refresh of the list of teams and channels.  Any new teams and channels that have been added since adding your Live Chat app to teams will be synchronized with our system.

If you got your Live Chat settings from the left sidebar and choose your Chat Settings, scroll to the bottom of the General tab.  Here you'll see a 'Refresh Teams' button.  Click this to refresh the Teams list you can see in your settings.

Now each of your team and channels should be available in your settings.

Still Not Seeing all of your Teams and Channels?

If for some reason, you still don't see the channels you expect, go to the Team and Channel you want and simply mention @Live Chat in a new message post.  This should send us a notification with the channel detail we need.

If after doing this and you still don't see your Teams in the channel routing list, you can remove the Live Chat app from your Team and re-add it.  This will also force a refresh.

First select the 3 dots icon next to your team and choose Manage Team.

Then select the Apps tab and you'll see live chat.  Choose to delete the Live Chat App.

Next, re-add the Live Chat app to your preferred Team and Channel.  Select the Channel, then select the + button on the top navigation:

Search for and select Live Chat in the app store:

Once added, you'll see the new Live Chat tab at the top.

Your New Channels and Teams are now updated

Now, once you go back to your Chat Settings from the left sidebar, you should see the new Team and channels under that team.

Keep in mind, that you should add Live Chat to every team and channel where you want to have access to it.