First Time Set Up for Live Chat for Microsoft Teams

You've added Live Chat to your Team - Great! Here are five things to make sure it's set up properly

First Time Setup

Just getting started? Great! We'll guide you through your first time set up tasks here. 

* Each team member should install the Live Chat app to their account so they can access their personal agent settings. 

1. Add a Live Chat Tab to your team.

If you have already added a Live Chat tab to your team when installing your app, great! Your tab should look like the image below and will include the circled Live Chat tab.

Live Chat for Teams Tab

Now select the Sign In with Microsoft button to authorize Live Chat for your Teams account. That's it - you don't need to sign up for a separate account.

If you don't see the Live Chat tab, just click the '+' button at the end of the tab list.
Then search for Live Chat in the popup and select it. It will look simliar to this:
Live Chat for Microsoft Teams
Once you save the settings, you're all set with step 1.

Chat requests will be sent to the shared team channel for every live chat.

new live chat requests

You can reply to chats from the team conversation or the dedicated Live Chat tab.

Next, mention our @Live Chat bot in your posts of this channel to make sure we see your messages. 

2. Add your Live Chat app to your personal workspace.

When you first add the Live Chat app to your workspace you may see a popup with the option to "Add" your app, and a dropdown with "Add to a team".  You should add the app to both your personal workspace and to your team.  

If you haven't added the app yet to your team, first choose the option to Add to a Team and select the team you added the live chat tab to.   THEN, you should also select "Add" if you haven't added to your personal workspace (if you don't see it in the left when selecting the horizontal dots icon or if you chat settings content is empty).  

Each team member should also add the live chat app to their workspace individually.

* If you aren't receiving chat requests to your team:

If you aren't receiving live chat request notifications to your team, you may not have added the app to a team when originally installing. You can always uninstall and re-install the app to your workspace as follows. See this article on how to uninstall and reinstall the app to your personal workspace.

3. Turn on your channel notifications.

By default, new post notifications are turned off. To make sure you never miss a live chat request, turn on your channel notifications. Just click the 3 dots next to your team's General channel. Then on the popup, choose All New Posts: 'Banner and feed', then Save

Live Chat Notification Settings
You can also choose to display notifications 'Only in feed'. Either will work fine.

4. Add your code snippet to your website.

Go to the Live Chat app settings and select the Code Snippet option to find your code snippet.  

You can access the Live Chat app settings from the left hand navigation by clicking the horizontal three dots, then choosing Live Chat. If you don't see Live Chat listed here, add it by selecting the Browser All Apps button, then add Live Chat.

Once in the app settings, choose the Chat Settings tab, then 'Install Code Snippet'

Live Chat for Microsoft Teams Code Snippet
Simply copy and paste this code into any website where you'd like to add your Live Chat Widget. Once you do this, you can chat with website visitors right from Teams.

5. Preview your Live Chat and send a test chat.

Go to the Live Chat Settings page and select the Preview option. You can also get there from our welcome message we sent to your team when you added the Live Chat app.
Enter any test information in the pre-sales chat form and click submit. Once you do this, a live chat request will be sent directly to the team you added your Live Chat to.
Live Chat for Teams Preview

6. Reply to a chat from Teams.

Once you send a test chat to your team, you can reply to the chat request. You'll see a live chat request like this:
Live Chat for Teams Chat Request
If you don't see the chat request in your team, then you may not have added the bot to your team when originally installing the app. Please see this article on fixing this issue.
Click on the Accept Chat button to accept the chat right in your conversation. Then reply to the conversation making sure to mention '@live chat' in your reply so the messages are sent to our bot. You will have to make sure to mention every reply.
Answering Live Chat in Microsoft Teams
That's it! Happy Chatting!