How to Route Your Google Chat Live Chats to a Different Space or User

If you've set up our Google Chat integration with Live Chat, sometimes you want to be able to route to a different Space or to a different DM of another Google Workspace user.  In this article we'll show you.

Add Live Chat App to a Space

First, make sure you've added Live Chat to Google Chat. This article walks you through that process.  Now, if you have a new space in Google Chat where you'd like to direct your website chats, first add the Live Chat app to this new space.

Choose the space in the Spaces link in Google Chat, then click Add people & apps.  Once you do this, search on 'Live Chat' and add it to the Space. 

In addition, you can just click the '+' button next to the message area, to add the application.  Then click 'View more apps for Chat' and search on 'Live Chat'

Add Live Chat as a DM Recipient

If you prefer to route a live chat directly to your DM's, just make sure to add Live Chat as a DM.  To do this, click on Chat in the left sidebar, then New Chat, then Find Chats, and search on 'Live Chat'.  Once you add the Live Chat app, you'll be able to route to it.

Change your Live Chat Routing

Now that you've added the Live Chat app to a new space or as a direct message in Google Chat, login to Social Intents using the Sign in with Google option.

Then click on My Apps, then Edit Settings on your Live Chat Application.

You'll see a Route Chats to Google Chat dropdown list with the spaces and members you've add the Live Chat to.  Simply select the route you prefer and click save.

Now when you send a new live chat request from your chat widget, the live chat request will be sent to the newly chosen space or DM in Google Chat.