How to Add Live Chat to Google Chat

In this article, we'll show you how you can easily add Live Chat to Google Chat so that you can talk to your website visitors right from Google Chat.  You can add Live Chat to any Google account and deploy a customizable chat widget directly to your website using a simple code snippet.  Let's get started.

If you prefer a video overview, here's a quick how to video on how to add live chat to Google Chat.

1.  Add Live Chat app to a Google Chat space

The first step to enable Live Chat in Google Chat is to click install on Live Chat in the Google App Marketplace or go to your Spaces in your Google account either in Google Chat or in Gmail.  You can add the Live Chat app to any existing or new space by selecting the space and then choosing the Add people & apps link.

Add the Live Chat app to a Space

Next search on the 'Live Chat' app in the search field.

You can also just click the '+' button next to the message field to add an application as seen below.

Once you add the Live Chat application, you'll receive a welcome message form our chat bot with some slash commands you can use as well las getting started links including a Preview Chat link that you can use to test our your Live Chat integration.  This welcome also includes a link to Sign in to Live Chat here on Social Intents.   

2.  Login and Customize your Live Chat Settings

Next, you can login to your Live Chat account at Social Intents to customize your chat widget settings.  Once you've added the Live Chat app to a space, you already have an account with us.  Simply click 'Sign in with Google' and use the same email address where you added the live chat app.

Google Chat Sign in

Once you login, you'll see the Dashboard in Social Intents.  To access your settings, select 'My Apps' in the left side bar, then click edit settings on your Live Chat widget.  You can change where your chats are routed to, change the tab color, add AI to your live chat, or set up 3rd party integrations.

You also have access to Live Chat reports and integrations you can set up here to send transcripts and leads to your CRM, marketing, or ticketing systems.

3.  Preview your Live Chat Widget

Now that your Live Chat app is added to Google Chat, you can test it right away using the Preview Chat url.  You can access this link as well as other options by starting to type /livechat.  You'll see a list of slash commands.  Just choose the /livechat_preview command.

We'll send you your preview link that includes a preview chat widget as well as the code snippet to include on your website.

Once you select your preview link, you'll see your current chat widget and what it will look like on your website.  You can customize this chat widget in your chat settings.

When you click start chat, a live chat request will be sent into your Google space with the visitor info.

You have 2 options for joining the chat, Join Chat, and Join as DM.  We'll explain these below.

Join Chat in new thread inside of Google Chat Space

Click the Join Chat button to join the chat in this space as a new thread.   We'll create a new thread for each live chat session so you can manage multiple chats at once.  

To respond to the visitor simply click into the thread, then mention @Live Chat at the beginning of each response to send the message back to the website visitor.  Your visitor will see your messages right in your chat widget on your website.

To end the chat from Google Chat, just type the slash command /livechat_end in the thread where you have an active chat.

Join as DM

You can optionally join the chat as a direct message and move the chat over to your DMs.  In this case you, you don't need to mention the @Live Chat bot in each response, but you will only be able to chat with one website visitor at a time since this method is in a single thread (your direct messages).

Make sure to add Live Chat to your chat area if you want to chat directly with Live Chat versus within a space.   To add Live Chat to your DM's, just click on Chat in the left side bar, type New chat, then Find Apps and search on 'Live Chat'.

4.  Embed your Live Chat for Google Chat in your website

Finally, you can enable your Live Chat widget on your website by embedding the code snippet for your live chat right into your website template or theme.

You can access your code form the My Apps section in Social Intents, or by sending the slash command /livechat_code right within Google  Chat.

Simply copy and paste this code snippet before the closing </body> tag within your website template.

Ready to add ChatGPT capabilities to your live chat?  Click here!

That's it and your Live Chat is ready!