Setting up Live Chat Agent Reminder Notifications in Teams

In this article, we will show you how to configured your Live Chat notifications in Microsoft Teams so you never miss another chat.  We have created a Reminder feature in Teams that will send you reminder messages every so often when you have visitors waiting in your live chat queue.

This is helpful if you are not always monitoring the live chat and sometimes miss the default Teams notifications.  You can configure the live chat reminder notifications to send additional post notifications every 30 or 60 seconds or more depending on your needs.  You can be reminded of all queued live chats meaning for all live chats that a website visitor has initiated but have not yet been answered in Microsoft Teams. 

Here's a step by step guide to creating live chat reminder notifications in Teams.


High Level Steps

  1. Navigate to the Live Chat settings in Teams
  2. Add a Reminder Timer in your Live Chat General Settings
  3. Test your Live Chat reminders in your website

1. Navigate to the Live Chat settings in Teams

If you are new to our Live Chat app in teams, you may need to add the Live Chat app to your personal workspace in teams.  You can find our Live Chat App in teams by clicking the 3 horizontal dots in the left sidebar.  Click the side bar then search for 'Live Chat' in the search menu.

Select Add to add it to your workspace if it's not already there:

2. Add a Reminder Timer in your Live Chat General Settings

Now that you've added the Live Chat settings app to your personal workspace, head over the Live Chat settings tab at the top.

Scroll to the bottom of the General Settings page and find the dropdown list called "Send Waiting Reminder".  Choose how often you'd like to be reminded of your waiting live chats in this field and click Save Settings.  We will send a new reminder post into the Channel you have configured every X number of seconds, depending on what you choose, up until the Chat Timeout period.

3. Test your Live Chat Reminders on your website

Now that you've setup the agent notification reminders for live chat, you can test them out by starting a live chat on your website and not answering the chat.  You will see new posts that trigger the alerts in Teams periodically based on the timer duration you set up in step 2 above.

In Teams, this is an example of the reminders you'll see that will trigger both desktop reminders as well as activity notifications.

For additional best practices in setting up your audio and visual notifications in teams for live chat, you can view our article: Setting up Audio and Visual Notifications of Live Chats in Microsoft Teams.

You're all set and you'll never miss another live chat in Teams!