WordPress Integration

If you use WordPress, you're in luck!  We've developed a series of plugins that will make setting Social Intents up in WordPress a snap.  

Here's a link to each of our plugins:

1.  First, install one of our plugins.

2. If you are new to Social Intents: Activate the plugin and click on the register now button to sign up with your email.  We'll automatically add a newly generated API key to your plugin.  You can always login to socialintents.com to customize settings or answer chats.

3.   If you already have an account:  Sign into your account if you already have one login to Social Intents and click on the Apps link in the left-hand navigation.  Choose the app you'd like to configure and click edit settings.

Next, copy the Widget Key from the Your Widget Key tab in the settings:

Paste this key into the settings area of your plugin inside the WordPress plugin settings.