WordPress Integration

If you use WordPress, you're in luck!  We've developed a series of plugins that will make setting Social Intents up in WordPress a snap.  

Here's a link to each of our plugins:

1.  First, install one of our plugins.

2. If you are new to Social Intents: Activate the plugin and click on the register now button to sign up with your email.  We'll automatically add a newly generated API key to your plugin.  You can always login to socialintents.com to customize settings or answer chats.

3.   If you already have an account:  Sign into your account if you already have one login to Social Intents and click on the Apps link in the left-hand navigation.  Choose the app you'd like to configure and click edit settings.

Next, copy the Widget Key from the Your Widget Key tab in the settings:

Paste this key into the settings area of your plugin inside the WordPress plugin settings.

If you want to see details on the WordPress set up for Live Chat, you can see our set up guide here.