How to add Live Chat Agent photos in Microsoft Teams

In this article, we're going to show you how to add custom live chat agent photos to your Teams account.  This allows you to customize what photos your website visitors see when you answer live chats inside of Microsoft Teams.  This photo can be separate from your internal photo that you use in Microsoft Teams and is handy if you want to use an avatar or a different photo for external communication than internal Teams communications.

First, login to your Teams account and click the 3 horizontal dots in the left side bar in Microsoft Teams.

Live Chat personal workspaceNext, you will access our Live Chat app settings in your personal workspace.  If you've already added a Live Chat tab to a Team and Channel, that's great!  What we're doing now is adding the Live Chat app to your personal workspace so you can access the chat settings and agent settings right within Teams.  You do need to add the Live Chat app in both places (to a Team and to your personal workspace) to get the most out of your Live Chat for Teams.

Live Chat app in personal workspace in Teams

If you don't see the Live Chat app listed, select the Find an app search and type 'Live Chat' to find our app.  If you still don't see it, you may have to contact your Teams Admin to allow 3rd party apps following this article.

Once you've added the Live Chat app to your workspace, head over to the My Agent Settings tab at the top.  This is where you can customize your own agent settings including your name, display name, title, and photo.

Next select Choose File, select the image you'd like to select and then select 'Upload Image' to save your new Live Chat agent photo.

Once you've selected your agent photo, this will be the image that visitors see when you respond to a chat from the Live Chat tab in Microsoft Teams.

Here's what the agent photo looks like in our example above.  You'll see it displayed in the title of the chat and also next to each message you respond with.

If you're an account admin and would like to manage agents settings for multiple agents on your team, you would simply login directly to our website with the same email you use in Teams, then click on the Agents link in the left side bar.  You will only have access to these settings if your are an account admin.

That's it!  You're ready to upload your custom avatar to use in your Teams live chat.