Add Live Chat to a Bubble Website

Add live chat to your website with the Live Chat plugin in 2 easy steps.

In these article we will teach you how to add your live chat widget to your website and start chatting with your website visitors in minutes.  With the Live Chat for Teams or Slack plugin, you can engage your website visitors right from either Microsoft Teams or Slack.  Offer great customer support and sales support of your website.

Step 1:  Find our Live Chat plugin in the Marketplace

Just visit the Bubble Marketplace to find our live chat plugin here.

Step 2:  Add your API Key to your Bubble Live Chat plugin settings

You can find your Live Chat Api Key by following this article.  We use the same Api Key for both WordPress and Bubble, so just copy the key where it says WordPress Api Key.

That's it!  Your Live Chat will no be enabled on any website.  You can customize the live chat to show just on the pages your want and set up the look and feel of the chat widget to match your website.  You can even pre-populate the live chat pre-sale fields using our Javascript API to enhance your visitor's experience on your Bubble site.