Where do I find my Live Chat Code Snippet?

Looking for your Live Chat widget code snippet?  You've come to the right place.   We have 2 types of integrations available, either our Slack integration or our Teams integration and you will find your code snippet in different locations for each.

Live Chat for MS Teams Code Snippet

You can find your live chat code snippet for MS Teams in your Live Chat settings right within Teams.  First, access your Live Chat Settings tab from the left side bar in teams.  If you don't see the Live Chat app in your left side navigation, click the 3 horizontal dots and search 'Live Chat' to add to your personal workspace.

Live Chat code snippet

Next, click on the 'Install Code Snippet' link in your chat settings.   Here you'll find your code snippet to include on your website.  For our MS Teams Live Chat integration, each chat widget will have it's own unique code snippet you can include in the appropriate pages of your website.

chat code snippet example

Simply, copy and paste this code snippet into your website page template to enable chat on your website.

Live Chat for Slack Website Code Snippet

If you're using our Slack Live Chat integration, you can simply login to our website at https://www.socialintents.com/login.do with your email and password that you set up when setting the integration.  

Once logged in, click on the 'Install Code' link in the left side bar to find your code snippet.

You'll see a popup once clicking this link that includes your code snippet.

Copy this code into your website to enable the Slack Live Chat.

WordPress Plugin API Keys

If you use WordPress, you can use our Live Chat plugin for WordPress to install your code.  The api key you use when installing the WordPress plugin is located on the same page as each code snippet as in the examples above in this article.

Why do I see different code snippets for the same account?

We have 2 types of code snippets for live chat:  an account level code snippet and a live chat specific code snippet.  The code snippet you see when logged in directly to our website is an account widget snippet.  This means that you just include it once and then target each individual live chat widget you have to different pages on your website.

For our MS Teams integration, we create separate code snippets for each chat widget.  Therefore the snippets will look different.  You can use either one that you prefer.  We have found that customers prefer individual code snippets if they are managing multiple types of chat widgets just to make the deployments easier.