Sending a Microsoft Teams Meeting Invite from Live Chat

Now you can invite your live chat visitors to join a Microsoft Teams meeting with a simple shortcut.  We'll show you how you can invite your visitors to a teams meeting right within live chat.

Step 1.  Grab your Team Meetings Link from Teams

First, generate a custom Microsoft Teams meeting link that you can send to your live chat visitors.  In order to do this, go to the Meetings link from your Teams settings, start a meeting, and select the 'Copy Meeting link' option. This article shows you how to do this.

Step 2.  Go to your Live Chat Settings Shortcuts Tab

Next, go to your Live Chat Settings within Microsoft Teams and select the Shortcuts tab.

Step 3.  Create your Teams Meeting Shortcut using your Meeting Link

Create your shortcut and name it something like "teams meeting".    Now grab your Team Meeting link and copy that url into an anchor tag that looks similar to this:

<a target="_blank" href="{your meeting link goes here}">Join Teams Meeting</a>

Once you save this shortcut, you can access your shortcut within a Live Chat session in Teams using the dropdown list icon:

Your Meeting invite will be formatted as a button that your live chat visitor can click.