How to add your company logo to your live chat widget

In this article, we'll show you how you can easily update your live chat widget with your company logo or use agent photos on your pre-sales page.

Add your Company Logo to your Teams Live Chat Widget

In order to change the default logo on your live chat widget from within Microsoft Teams, just go to your Live Chat settings in your personal workspace.  If you don't have our live chat app installed yet, get started here.  Just search on Live Chat to open your Live Chat app settings.

Microsoft Teams Live Chat SettingsNext, select the Live Chat Settings tab.  Here you'll see a Logo field.  Just select your new 100px by 100px file to upload (just make sure it's a square).  Then click Upload Logo.  Now your logo will appear in the Live Chat pre-sales page.

Chat Widget Logo

If you prefer to use a list of your Live Chat agents photos on the live chat, simply scroll to the bottom of the Live Chat settings General tab and enable the field 'Show Agent Photos on Pre-Sales page instead of logo' field.

Live Chat Agent PhotosWe will display up to 6 of your agent photos here.  This means that if you uploaded a photo to the Agent Settings for your agent, they will be displayed here.  At this time, we do not take current Agent status into account when displaying the photos.

Add your Company Logo to your Live Chat Widget

If you are using our Slack Live Chat app or our web-based live chat widget, you can change the settings similar to the ones above directly on our website.  Just login, go to the Apps link, and select the live chat widget you'd like to customize.

You'll see a Logo field here as well that you can customize with your company logo on your live chat widget.

Chat Widget Custom Logo

That's it!  You know have custom logos or agent photos set up.