Not Seeing Agent Replied Messages in Slack?

Are you not seeing your message in your primary Slack Live Chat channel that your agent has responded to a live chat?  If that's the case, then you may need to update your Slack scopes to the most recent version.  

In order to update your Slack authorization scopes, first login to our website at  Then navigate to Integrations in the left side bar, then Slack.  Click the 'Add to Slack' button to run through the Slack authorization flow to update your app to the most recent scopes.

Add Live Chat to Slack Channel

Next, choose your Live Chat inbound channel that you've previously set up:

Slack Authorization Scopes

Once you finish this, your authorization scopes should be updated and you should see the Answered and Missed chat notifications in your main channel.

Verify Your Slack Application Scopes are Updated

To verify your scopes are updated in Slack, select your workspace name in the top left of slack, then Administration --> Manage Apps.  

Slack Administration and Manage Apps

Choose the Live Chat App from your application list:

Next, select the Configuration tab at the top.  If the scopes are not updated, you'll see a warning text and button above the Authorizations header you see below.  If the Configuration looks similar to below, then you have the latest updated scopes.

Finally, if you don't see your correct channel in the Live Chat routing list in our settings, take a look at this article.