Not Seeing Slack Chat Messages in your Channel?

Are you having issues with either not seeing some of your channels in your Live Chat Settings for routing or you have chosen the channel but aren't receiving the live chat requests in this channel?  If so, you're in the right place.  

With the recent updates on the Slack apis, there are some additional privacy restrictions on channels viewable in the chat settings.  So in order to be able to correctly route the website chats to your channel in Slack, you need to first make sure that the @livechat bot is added to each channel you want to route to.

An example is our newly created slack channel called #mynewchatchannel.  We've just added it to Slack and want to route our Live Chat requests to it.

The first step is to make sure that you invite the @livechat bot to your newly created channel.  If the bot is not a member of the channel you won't be able to send chats to it.  You can easily add the @livechat bot by going into the message area and typing the '@' sign and start typing livechat as below:

You will see the Live Chat bot in a dropdown list.  You also see here that it's not in the channel.  

Next select the chat bot and click the send message icon in Slack.  Once you do that, a modal dialog will pop up.  Click the green Add to Channel button.

Now the bot is a member of the channel and you can not only pick the channel in the chat routing settings, but your chats will be sent to this channel in Slack.

When you send your chats now, they will be sent to your newly created channel in Slack.