Sending a Link to a Teams Meeting from Live Chat

We get a lot of questions about starting a Teams Video Meeting from live chat.  With our Shortcuts and Canned Messages, you can now send a shortcut button that links right to your Teams Meeting.  Using this approach you can easily invite your website live chat visitors to join you in a video meeting.

Joining a Teams Meeting from Live Chat

Here's an example of a chat button shortcut that links out to a Teams Meeting.  When your visitor clicks on the link, they will be taken right to your Teams Meeting link.  

Next, we'll show you how to set up this shortcut to point right to your Teams Meeting url.

Copy your standalone link to your Teams Meeting

First, login to Microsoft Teams and select Meetings, then Meet now.  You can create a meeting with the name you prefer.

Once you name your meeting, choose Join Now.

Now, just select copy meeting link.  Save this link for use in your Live Chat Shortcut.

Setup a Shortcut Button that Links to your Teams Meeting

Now that you have your meeting url, login to your Live Chat settings.  If you're just getting started, you can see how to add our Live Chat app to your Teams account here.  

From the Chat Settings tab, choose the Shortcuts link in the left hand navigation and create a short cut for your team meetings.  Ours is called teams meeting.

The button format would be similar to this code.  You should just use the meeting url you copied in your previous step into the href below.  Notice the class="si-button" is what makes this url look like a button in the chat response.

<a target="_blank" class="si-button" href="url to your meeting goes here">Join Teams Meeting</a>

Send a Link to your Video Meeting from Live Chat

Once you save your shortcut, it will be available from within your live chat.  You can select the shortcut from the file icon on the top-right of an active chat.  Simply choose 'teams meeting', then Send, to send the link to your meeting.

Your visitor will see the invite like this:

Once they click Join Teams Meeting, they will be directed to your standalone Team Meeting url.  Note that meeting urls default to a 90 day duration if they are not scheduled.