Add Microsoft Teams to Wix

You can now add Microsoft Teams to your Wix website to let you chat with your Wix website visitors right from Microsoft Teams.  Our Live chat application allows you to embed Microsoft Teams into Wix so you can engage your visitors right from Teams.  Here's a quick overview of how to get started.

1. Add Live Chat to Microsoft Teams

First, add our Live Chat app to your Microsoft Teams account following this article:  

Once you've add the Live Chat app to your left sidebar in Teams, go to your Chat Settings where you'll find your code snippet.  Save this for later as you'll add this to your Wix Website.

2. From your Wix Editor add a Custom Element

Now, go to your Wix website and open the Wix Editor.  Click the + Button in the Wix, Choose More, then select Custom Element

3. Modify the Source in the Custom Element

Select the 'Choose Source' Option in the Custom Element.  We're going to add our chat url here.

Typically your Live Chat for Microsoft Teams code snippet looks something like this:

<script src="//" async="async"></script>

We just wan to use just the URL portion of the code snippet which we prepend with https://, which in this case will be this:

Copy this url into the Server URL text field in the Element Settings.  Note that this should be just a url without any script tags and including the https://.

Click Update in the Element Settings and now your chat button and widget will look similar to the following:

4.  Pin the Live Chat Custom Element to the Bottom Right of your site

You can choose to keep the chat button on a particular area of your website or pin it to a location on your website.  To Pin it,  right click in the Custom Element and you'll see a menu with options appear like in the screenshot below.   Select the 'Pin to Screen' option.

Select the bottom right corner pin to make the Chat widget stay fixed in the bottom right of your Wix Website.

Finally, adjust the size of the Custom Element to account for the width and height of an open Chat Widget.  

* Be aware that the full size of the element may cover any navigation or interaction underneath the element even when the chat is minimized.  In this case, you can choose not to pin the element but make static on certain area of your page.

5. Test your Microsoft Teams Live Chat from Wix

Now start a test chat from Wix to your Microsoft Teams account.  

You'll see the chat request from Wix come into Microsoft Teams where you can talk to your Wix website visitors right from Teams.  Here's an example of a new Teams Conversation Post with the chat details from your Wix Chat.

Simply Click Join Chat or Open Chat Console to respond to your Wix website visitors right from Microsoft Teams

That's it.  You've now successfully connected your Wx website to Microsoft Teams!