Live Chat to Microsoft Teams and Channel Scoping

When you set up your Live Chat for Microsoft Teams you have the ability to route the Live Chat to a particular Team and Channel using our Route Chats to Team setting.

Route chats to Team and Channel

When you set this up, you are routing all of your chats to this particular Team and Channel in Teams.  This means that only members of this Team will see the Live Chat inbound request and when viewing the Live Chat console from this Team and Channel, they will only see live chats requested specifically to this Team and Channel in teams.

So in our example, a chat is routed to the Support Team.  So only members of the support team are notified with a Post.

And only members of the Support Team see the chat request listed in the Live Chat Console within that Support Team:

Multiple Departments and Scoping

If you are a member of a larger organization, you can create a Chat Widget for each department that you have.  In Teams you would also create a separate Team for each department.  This way you can scope the live chats based on routing to just these Teams and Departments.

Create a new Team in Microsoft Teams

For Instance if you have an Admissions Department, you would create a Team called Admissions and invite the members you'd like on those chats to this team.  

Add Live Chat to your new Team

Next add the Live Chat tab to your Admissions Team.  This is so we can route chats correctly to this newly created Team.

Create a Chat widget and Route Chats to your New Team

Then you would create a Chat Widget for this Admissions department in your Chat Settings and in the Route Chats to Team field, select your new Admissions Department.  If you don't yet see this Team in your dropdown, you can check out this article.


That's it.  Now your  live chats will be routed specifically to this department at your organization, and other Teams will not have visibility into these live chats.