Invite a Human to your Chatbot Conversation in Dialogflow

Dialgflow Chatbots are very powerful on their own and with our Live Chat integration, you can now invite your human agents into a chatbot conversation using Dialogflow Rich Responses.

Here's how to invite a human to your chatbot conversation using Dialogflow.

To get started you can create your first chatbot by following the directions in our Build a Chatbot for your website with Dialogflow article.  Once you have your website chatbot functional, you can now build out your Intents with Rich Responses.

Rich Responses can be used to provide the end-user with more than just text responses. There are a variety of response types to choose from. For example, you can show images, or provide buttons. For our example, we'll use a postback button action to invite our human agent to the conversation.

Create a Chatbot Live Chat Widget

For our example, our chatbot settings in Social Intents looks like the following.  Notice the chatbot type is "Chatbot only".  This means that we don't initially invite any humans agents to the chat.  We've also added our language and service account keys as in the previous article.

Create an Intent and Add Training Phrases

Next, let's create a new Intent in Dialgflow for our escalation to your human agents called "Escalate to Humans" and add some training phrases that will trigger the invite event.

Now, Add a Rich Response using a Slack Card to this Intent.  The card will have text and a button that says "Talk to an agent".  For the postback text for this response, make sure to add the value "invite_agent".  

This is the postback event we look for in our system to trigger a Live Chat invite to Teams or Slack to invite a human to a chat.

That's it.  Once done, your interactions with the chatbot will look similar to this.  Clicking on the Talk to an agent button will send the live chat invite to your agents you've set up in our Live Chat solution, either to Microsoft Teams or Slack.

dialogflow invite human agent