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The Social Intents Affiliate program pays out 20% monthly recurring commission for every customer you send us. For example, if you send us a Business Account ($265/month), we'll send you $53 every month. Send us just 3 accounts per month, and you'll earn an additional $159 each month. That compounds quickly! 

Since you are here, you probably already know how valuable our Live Chat for Microsoft Teams, Live Chat for Slack, and ChatGPT powered chatbots, so why not earn additional income sharing our tools with your customers?

Here are a couple tips to help you get started with our affiliate program.

1.  Know How to Access your Affiliate Link.

As an affiliate with Social Intents, you'll be sharing your affiliate link on your webpages, blog, and social media. First, register for our affiliate program here: Keep in mind that you'll set up a separate login and password at “First Promotor,” which manages the tracking and commission payouts.  

Here's a view of your affiliate dashboard:

2.  Understanding Payouts

We will pay you using PayPal, so first make sure to link your PayPal account correctly. We approve all commissions monthly, and pay you directly through PayPal. You can expect up to a 60 day delay in receiving your payments to allow for any customer refunds.  

We require that you meet a minimum $50 threshold for payments, so once you've met that minimum, you can expect a payment from us.

For example, if someone signs up on September 20th, you could expect a commission to be approved on Nov 1 (a 42 day delay).  As long as your total earned commissions are greater than $50, you'll receive a payment.

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