Live Chat Popup

With Live Chat by Social Intents, it's easy to add a fully branded live chat popup to your website within minutes.  You configure your live chat popup with your logo and your brand and select your desired text responses to each message.  You can even customize the chat popup for multiple languages.

Use our proactive live chat popups and proactive chat invites to automatically engage your customers based on the rules you specify.  We can trigger your live chat popups to automatically trigger when a visitor enters your site the first time, when the leave your website, or using timed triggers.

We also support a JavaScript SDK you can use to trigger your live chat popups based on your customer application logic.  

In order to set configure your live chat to automatically trigger when a visitor enters your website, you can set your Targeting options.  

Configure your Live Chat Popup

First, Go to the My Apps link, select your widget, then Edit Settings.  In the targeting tab, select Action: Always Show Tab, Show Popup on Match.  This is the setting that will automatically trigger the popup.

Next, you can configure a small proactive chat popup box as below.

Just got to your Customize Text tab in your chat settings, and enter your popup question in the Proactive Popup Message text as below.

If you prefer to just pop your normal pre-sales page that requires name or email, then remove any text from the Proactive Popup message.  By default, we'll trigger the larger pre-sales page in this case.

Trigger your Live Chat Popups using our SDK

if you want to customize the text you display to your customers on different pages or use more advanced logic, that's easy to do using our Javascript SDK.

Simply use this script to trigger any question you like in your popup:

<script type="text/javascript"> function onSIApiReady()  { //Will display the tab once the scripts have loaded SI_API.showInvite('Questions about our products? I can help!'); }; </script><br>

Use session variables to manage only triggering these SDK popup once per browser session using something like the following:

<script type="text/javascript"> function onSIApiReady()  {     var sis_custom=sessionStorage.getItem("sis_custom_popup");     if (!sis_custom) {         SI_API.showInvite("this will only trigger once per session");     }     sessionStorage.setItem("sis_custom_popup","true");         }; </script> <br>

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