How to send new Wix leads to External Mailing Lists like MailChimp and others

In this article, we show you how you can use Conversion Popup to gather leads and send your subscribers to external systems.  With the integrations here, you can add leads to just about any external mailing list or CRM as well.  The Conversion Popup app integrates with Zapier so you can connect to 1500 external integrations and systems.

This works equally well with our Wix Live Chat and Wix Social Offers apps in the Wix App Market.

For this example, we'll connect your new leads to Zapier and a simple welcome email to your new lead.  You would use a similar approach to add new leads to your mail lists in Mailchimp, Constant Contact, Campaign Manager, Drip, or any other mailing list provider to manage your subscribers and keep them updated about your business.

Step 1:  Add Conversion Popup to your Wix website

First go to your Wix editor and add the Conversion Popup app to your website.  Keep the default Collect Email template enabled and customize the app to collect the fields you'd like to capture like name, email, and phone.

Next, click on the Dashboard link in the app settings or go to the Conversion Popup editor from your Wix site settings from the Apps link as below.  Click on the Integrations link to find the Zapier integration.  Here you'll see your API key which you'll use later in the Zapier set up.  Copy your API Key from this page.

Step 2. Send new Leads to Zapier

Click Connect Zapier to Social Intents.  

In the Search for apps to connect field enter Zapier and select the Email by Zapier integration.  Then choose Connect these apps.

You can also send your new leads to your mailing list providers like MailChimp, Aweber and others using this same approach and we suggest you do this.  This example just uses the simplest case if you don't have an account with these other systems.  

Next sign up for or login to your free Zapier account, then keep the New Lead as your Social Intents Trigger event in the new Zap set up.

Choose continue, then Sign in to Social Intents.  

Now copy your API Key form the Social Intents integrations page into this popup.

Select your Conversion Popup widget from the App Widget selection, then continue.

If you already have leads in the system, we'll find the most recent now.  You can select Skip Test if you don't yet have leads. 

Now choose Email by Zapier in the App & Event Do this... section.

Choose Action Event Send Outbound Email.  This will tell Zapier to send an outbound email whenever a new lead is received from your Conversion Popup app.

Configure your Email settings like To field to the Email address of your new lead.  Click on the list icon on the right side of the field to bring up your mapping options from the lead to your email.

Enter your welcome email details you'd like to send.

Step 3.  Test your Zap

Send a test to complete your set up.

Finally turn on your Zap.

Now you can see all of your tasks in your Zapier dashboard.

That's it.  Zapier is a powerful tool so you can use this system to also trigger other events for your new leads like adding them to your CRM,