Why you need to try Live Chat for Wix

There are a number of Live Chat solutions in the Wix app market as well as a live chat app provided by Wix.  We want you to know some of the reasons we think our Live Chat Support app in the Wix app market is a superior choice for any Wix website.

Live Chat with Slack and Microsoft Teams integration built in

Unlike other solutions in the app market, you can live chat with your Wix website visitors right from Slack and Microsoft Teams.  We have native integrations with each of these so you can chat with your Wix website visitors from the collaboration tools you already use.  You can use these tools on your Desktop or Mobile and never miss a website chat.

Send Live Chat Transcripts and Leads to any external system

Next, with our live chat solution, you can send your leads and live chat transcripts just about anywhere with our Zapier integration.  Simply head over to the Live Chat App Dashboard after adding our app, and select the Integrations link.  With Zapier you can send leads into any external mailing list you choose such as MailChimp, AWeber, Constant Contact, and others.  Send a drip follow email campaign for new leads.  

If you use a CRM or ticketing system at your business, you can send all new live chat transcripts into these systems painlessly.  No more being stuck to one solution that doesn't fit into your existing process flow.

Unlimited Agents on every plan

We do offer unlimited live chat agents on all of our plans - so no need to worry about growing your live chat as your team grows.  

Try Live Chat for Wix today!