Wix App keeps sending me to login page

With each of our Wix Apps, we include a Wix Dashboard page that you can access directly from your Wix account.  This is true for our Conversion Popup, Social Offers, and Live Chat for Slack apps.

Typically you access reports, leads, and transcripts using the Dashboard page that typically looks like this:

Some customers have then experienced issues when clicking on any of these links and being directed to a login page as below.

If this happens to you, the solution is to make sure that you have 3rd party cookies enabled in your browser.  Since Wix includes all dashboard apps as internal iframes, in order for us to maintain session data, we need to be able to write a cookie on your browser.

The fix is to go into your browser settings and enable 3rd party cookies as described below.

Chrome Browser Settings

In Google Chrome, go to Chrome --> Preference --> Advanced.  Select Privacy and Security, then Site Settings.  Finally select Cookies and site data, and make sure that the Block third-party cookies toggle is disabled:

Safari Browser Settings

In Safari, go to Safari --> Preferences, then Privacy.  Make sure Website tracking, Prevent cross-site tracking is unchecked.  Once you make this change, restart your browser and log back into Wix and you should not experience this issue any more.

Firefox Browser Settings

Similarly, enable 3rd party cookies in Firefox using the below settings.