How to add your Live Chat transcripts to any CRM or Mailing List

With our Zapier integration, you are able to add your Microsoft Teams and Slack transcripts and leads to just about any external CRM system or mailing list provider.  If you want to automatically create tickets in your ticketing system after a live chat has ended or add new leads to a drip email campaign, you can easily from our system.

Here are some scenarios you may be interested in:

  • Send live chat transcripts to your CRM
  • Send follow up drip email campaigns to new live chat leads
  • Create a ticket with live chat transcripts attached
  • Add new leads to your mailing list
  • Add customer chat history to your system with a webhook

Add Zapier integration to Slack Live Chat

If you currently use our Live Chat for Slack integration, simply login to your account at then head over to the Integrations page.  Here you can set up the Zapier integration using your API Key.

Add Zapier to Microsoft Teams Live Chat

You can also add our Zapier integration to your Live Chat for Teams account as well.  This just requires you to login with your existing account on our website at

To set up login details from Microsoft Teams, go to your personal Agent Settings page and set up your login details there:

Then you can login directly at our website for additional integration options including the Zapier set up.

Zapier Integration Set Up

To set up the Zapier integration, just click the Connect Zapier to Social Intents button or choose one of the pre-built Zaps on the page.  Make sure to copy your API Key as you'll use that in the Zapier set up. 

In Zapier, you can create a free account and choose the integration you'd like.  For instance below is the set up for sending live chat transcripts to Salesforce.

Here's a pre-built integration for sending live chat transcripts to HubSpot.

We have a ton you can choose from to make sure your data gets where it needs to go.