The Wrong Widget is Displaying on my Website

When you have 2 or more different apps or widgets set up for your domains, you need to make sure to set up your domain and page targeting for each separate widget.  If you don't set up these targeting options, the widgets without any targets will display on every domain and page.  

Therefore you may get undesired results like having a new chat widget display on an older domain you've targeted with a separate widget.

Where to set up Domain and Page targeting

If you login and click on the Apps link in the left side bar, you'll see a list of apps.  Select Edit Settings on each app and go to the Targeting tab to verify that you set up the page targeting for each similar to below.  

A couple of things to note here:

  • Each url should start with http:// or https://.  If both secure and non secure domains are active, you will need to put each in your targeting.
  • The top level domain without a wildcard '*' at the end will just display the widget on the default home page. will only display on the homepage but NOT other pages.
  • Add a wildcard to enable all pages for a widget:* will enable all secure pages on the domain.