Setting up your Online and Offline Chat Schedule in Microsoft Teams

There are 2 ways to set up your live chat availability in our Teams Live Chat app.

First, you can go to your chat console and toggle the availability of your live chat widget.  This toggle is editable as long as you haven't enabled a live chat schedule under your chat widget settings.

Second, you can enable an online and offline schedule for your chat widget where you can set your daily hours where you will be available.  If you go to your workspace app settings from the lefthand navigation and choose the chat settings, you'll see your schedule under the Online Schedule link as below.  

Make sure to Enable or Disable the overall schedule then set your daily schedule.

Once you do this, your live chat widget will automatically go online or offline based on the schedule.  You'll also see in your Live Chat console when the schedule is enabled.  When the schedule is enabled, you'll notice that the toggle on the chat console is disabled.  To re-enable it, you must disable your schedule which takes precedent.

If you need to override your schedule say because you are traveling or out of the office, you can simply go to the schedule settings and disable the schedule and toggle your availability as needed.