How to Add Zoom to your Website

Add Zoom Chat and Zoom Workspace to your Website

Looking to add Zoom to your website?  In this article, we'll show you how you can add a Zoom live chat widget to your website so that you can chat with any website visitor right from your Zoom Chat or Zoom Workspace Chat.  Answer customer website chats directly from any Zoom channel and create advanced AI chatbots that you can escalate to your team in Zoom.

With Zoom, typically you have to invite all customers and external people you want to talk to directly to a channel in Zoom.  This quickly becomes difficult to manage when you have a lot of customers.  This is where the Live Chat app comes in.  With the Zoom Live Chat app in the Zoom Marketplace, you can talk to any website visitor via a customizable chat widget.  Your customers don't know they are talking to you in Zoom, and they just see a live chat widget that they interact with.  On your end, all chats are routed to a Zoom chat channel of your choice and you simply respond in Zoom chat.  This is how you access Zoom on the web.

Here's a step by step guide to adding Zoom Chat to your website


High Level Steps

  1. Sign up for a Social Intents Free Trial
  2. Add the Live Chat App to Zoom
  3. Add your OpenAI API Key to your Social Intents chatbot settings.

1. Sign up for a Social Intents Free Trial Account

Now, if you don't already have an account with Social Intents, simply register for a Free Trial to give your website AI chatbot a go.

Once you choose to signup, you'll see the option to add an integration.

2. Add the Live Chat App to Zoom

Now that you've registered your free trial, choose the option to Add to Zoom to add Live Chat to your Zoom account.

Once you've run through the setup process, you'll see a page where you can copy your code snippet that you'll use on your website to enable the live chat.  We also have a number of plugins for Wordpress, Shopify, and other e-commerce platforms to easily add the live chat widget to your site.

After copying the code snippet, click I'm Done and you'll be directed to the list of Live Chat apps (currently one) in your account.  Click the Edit Settings button to configure your live chat.  You can choose your logo for the chat widget, set up the button and chat colors, and customize the office hours.

This is also where you can select which Zoom channel that your inbound live chat requests will go to.  You can choose that channel in this screen below:

Click Save after updating your settings.

3.  Test your live chat and Zoom integration

Next we'll test a live chat.  When you set up your account, we'll send you a welcome message right to a newly created Live Chat Inbound Channel.  This is where we will send all new live chat requests.

Click on the 'Test your live chat' link in the welcome message to try out your new Live Chat in preview mode.

You will see a preview page with the current live chat settings.  If you've customized your logo or colors you will see them reflected in this page as well:

Enter the pre-sales information and click Start Chat to send the live chat over to Zoom.  Once starting the chat, you will receive a new Live Chat request message in your configured live chat channel that includes all of the presales information that you've entered.

Answering website live chats in Zoom

Now, simply click Join Chat in Zoom to answer your live chat.  Once you do this, we will create a new dedicated channel for this particular live chat than you can respond to.  You can access the new channel from the left side bar or click on the new channel name mentioned in the join message.

Now that you've opened the dedicated live chat channel for this chat, you can respond to your website visitor.

You'll see this response in your preview page.

Now you're chatting with your live chat widget.

Enabling Live Chat for Zoom in your website.

You can see the code snippet to include in your website in the welcome message in Zoom or also on the preview page as in the image above.  Simply copy and paste this code into your website in order to enable the live chat widget.  

To get started with Zoom on your website, click here to start a free trial.