How to Disable Pre-Sales Question but Collect Other Fields

When you set up your Live Chat settings you can enable pre-sales questions like Name, Email, Phone, custom fields, as well as an initial question.  Sometimes you may want to collect the visitor information but not require a question yet so you can leverage the quick reply button options to help guide the visitor to their answers like the follow.

In our example below we collect the visitor name and email in the pre-sales page before a chat is started. 

Then once they select Start Chat, we invite in our ChatGPT chatbot and guide on the types of questions that they can ask with our ChatGPT Quick Replies that we've set up in the Chatbot settings.  You see that we start with a Chatbot welcome message, then a list of quick replies.

This along with our ChatGPT training phrases can help guide the types of questions that your visitors ask either to the ChatGPT chatbot or to your agents if you are answering with live agents from Microsoft Teams or Slack.

Live Chat Settings to Disable Pre-Sales Question

So in order to achieve this, first go to edit your Live Chat settings and head over to the Customize Text tab.  

Scroll down on the Customize Text tab to the Question Text field, and remove any value from this field:

Once you remove the Question Text placeholder field, this field will be hidden on the pre-sales page:

Next, set up some Chatbot Quick Replies in your chatbot settings similar to below.  

Once you have these configured, then after the visitor starts the chat, your chatbot will guide with some quick replies, and you can guide the conversation:

Now you have removed the pre-sales question but still can collect name and email upfront for your visitors so you can reach out to them later directly with any follow ups required.