How to Find your Whisper API Key

In order to find your Whisper API key, you will login to your OpenAI account to generate an OpenAI Key.  Every OpenAI account has a security API Key that can be used to integrate third party tools, access OpenAI API's like Whisper API, a speech-recognition model that can transcribe and translate audio from many languagesI, ChatGPT for chatbot conversations, DALL-E, OpenAI's AI art generator, which creates images based on detailed text descriptions from a person.

How to Find your Secret API Key for Whisper API in your OpenAI Account

First sign in or sign up for your OpenAI account.  You can find sign up and login link here:

OpenAI Create your account

Once logged in, click on your profile name or Icon to open the menu.

Then select the 'View API Keys' option as highlighted in the screenshot below.

View OpenAI Keys

On the API Keys page, you will see a list of existing Secret Keys.  Just select 'Create new secret key' to generate a new key

to use your your client integrations like when you want to sue ChatGPT into your Live Chat chatbots.

Then click the green icon on the popup page to copy your OpenAI secret key to a safe place.

Find your OpenAI API Key

Want to enable a ChatGPT trained chatbot on your own website?

Use your OpenAI Key in Live Chat powered by ChatGPT.