Not Receiving Chats in Zoom?

Once you add our Live Chat app to Zoom you should see test live chat requests routing right into the inbound chat channel in Zoom that you've set up.  If you are not seeing the chat requests in Zoom, then there are a couple things you can do to make sure your live chat configuration is working properly.

If you are new with Live Chat for Zoom, you can start here: Add Live Chat to Zoom

First, login to your Social Intents account, then click on My Apps, then Edit Settings.

Once you are in your live chat settings, you should see a field called 'Route Chats to Zoom Channel'.   You see in the example below, that our live chat requests are routed to a Channel in Zoom called Live Chat Inbound.

If this field is empty or you want to route to a different channel, you can follow the steps below.  As a side-note, sometimes creating a new Zoom channel and routing the Live Chat app to the new channel can help resolve any routing issues you are having.

In Zoom, select the '+' button under Channels to create a new channel.

Then select your new channel name and details.  If you want others to be able to join from your Zoom account, allow that under the Privacy section.

Now once you've created the channel, go back to your Live Chat settings in Social Intents and select this new channel to route to.  In the example below we selected 'My New Live Chat Channel'

Once this is complete, you can click on the Preview My Widget link to test out the live chat.  When you click start chat, you should now see the live chat request show up in your new channel.  Simply click Join Chat to accept the chat into a new dedicated channel and respond from that dedicated channel.

Your new chat routing should be active on your newly created Zoom channel.