Live Chat Translation in Real-Time

As you expand your business, you'll have customers from all over the world speaking many different languages.  The best way to support these customers is to quickly respond in their preferred language.  You shouldn't have to worry about what languages your agents speak.

What is Live Chat Translation?

Live Chat translation is when a live chat session is translated for both agents and visitors in real-time.  When your agent speaks one language and the visitor another language, live chat translation uses real-time translation of chat messages back and forth between these two languages.  From each user's perspective, they receive the message in their own language.

The experience is seamless and the visitor will see all messages in their default language. 

How does Live Chat Message Translation Work?

As an example, say your customer from Brazil starts a live chat with you in Portuguese.  You speak English.  In this case, when the live chat message comes in to you, simply open the chat session, click on the Translate button and choose Portuguese as the the visitor language.  You can also auto-detect the visitor language to automatically determine which language the visitor is speaking.

Say your visitor starts the chat in Portuguese.

Auto Translate Live Chat

As an agent, when you receive the chat, you simply click the Translate button, and choose the language of the visitor or Auto-Detect to have the system automatically determine the visitor's language.

Once you choose Portuguese, any message from the visitor will be translated from Portuguese to your preferred language.  In this case, the chat widget preferred language is English.

Now, you can respond in English and the visitor will see the translated text in Portuguese.  They can ask another question and from your side you will see the message translation as well as the original non-translated question as you can see below.

The visitor will just see you responding in their language.

Message Translation

How are Chat Messages Translated?

We leverage the Google Translate API to provide best in class real-time language translation and auto-detection to provide the most accurate language translation.  You don't have to add any additional plugins as the language translation is built directly into our live chat system.

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