Shopify: How to Add Live Chat to Shopify

Adding Live Chat to your Shopify store is easy using any number of Live Chat apps available in the Shopify App directory.  

Here's how you can easily add Live Chat to your Shopify store that can integrate with Microsoft Teams and Slack.

Step 1.  Add the Live Chat app to your Shopify website.

First login to Shopify and go to the Live Chat app page.

Then Click on Add app.

You can also search on "Teams" in the App Store in Shopify to find our Live Chat for Microsoft Teams application.  With this application you can respond to visitors right from Teams, Slack, or Zoom.

Step 2.  Install the Live Chat app

Next, confirm the install by selecting Install app.

If you don't yet have an account with us, we'll create a free account account for you.

Now, just add your Integration you prefer and Add Live Chat agents and you're all set!

Step 3. Manage Your Shopify Live Chat Subscription

We offer a totally free plan for Live Chat as well as monthly subscriptions.  To manage your subscription from Shopify click on the Apps link in the left navigation in Shopify.  Then simply navigate to the Teams Live Chat application page.

Our Subscription information is located under the Subscription link in the top right of your Live Chat dashboard.