Teams find Team Id

In Microsoft Teams every team has a Team ID.  Sometimes you'll need this team id for integrations, for sharing, and for debugging in other tools.  We'll show you how to easily find your Team ID for Teams in this article.

Microsoft Teams Find Your Team ID

First, within Microsoft Teams, select the Teams icon in the left navigation.  Then choose a Team and select the 3 horizontal dots next to the team name.  Once you click the icon, you'll see a popup with an option to Get link to team.  Choose this option.

Tenant Id - Get Link to Microsoft Teams

Once you select 'Get link to team', select the Copy button.  You can paste this link to any text editor.  Included in the URL

Teams tenant id

Once you have the link to your team, it will look similar to this: 

This includes a groupId parameter.  This is your Microsoft Team id for this particular Team.  

If you are looking for your Microsoft Teams tenant id which is essentially your account id, you can see the value in your tenantId value above as well.

How to Find Your Teams Channel ID

To find your Microsoft Teams channel ID we just follow a similar process above to get the link to your team.  

  • Navigate to the channel for which we want to find the channel id
  • Click on the (...) three dots to the right of the channel name
  • Then select the Get link to channel option as in the menu below: 
  • A popup with the link will appear with the channel id mentioned after the path /channel as mentioned in the image below:Select the Copy option in the popup and past the link.  It will look similar to below.  The portion after channel/ in the url and before the next slash is your channel id.<br> 

In our case, the channel id is:

That's it!