Add Slack Live Chat to your Wix Website

In this article, we'll show you how to embed Slack in your Wix website so you can answer live chats from your Wix website visitors right from within Slack.

Step 1:  Add the Live Chat App to Slack

With our Slack integration you can answer live chats right from your Slack account on your mobile or desktop apps. You'll receive push notifications on your phone for each live chat request and can chat from within Slack.  

Visit our app in the  Slack App market

First Time Setup for Slack

If you don't have a Social Intents account yet but do have a Slack account begin by logging into your Slack account and creating a new public channel dedicated to your live chat incoming requests:

Next, Add Live Chat to your Slack Account from our Live Chat install page under Live Chat on our main site.   Go to our Slack Live Chat Page and click the Add to Slack button.

You'll be asked to login:

Then you'll be directed to an Authorize Page where you will pick the live chat channel you just created and select the permissions to allow by default.  Please leave these as the defaults or you may not receive new live chats properly:

Finally, you'll be directed back to our site where you new account account has been set up.

Step 2.  Grab your Code Snippet for your Live Chat

Next select the Let's Go option on your set up and click the Install Code link.  Copy this code snippet for use in your Wix website.

Slack Live Chat code snippet for Wix

Step 3.  Add your Custom Live Chat code snippet to Wix

Now we will show you how to add your code snippet directly to your Wix website. Head over to your Wix Dashboard that will look something the image below.

Wix Website Dashboard

Scroll down and select the Settings link:

Step 4.  Select the Custom Code option under the Advanced Settings

Next, scroll to the bottom of the Settings page to the Advanced section and choose Custom Code link.

Once here, choose a section to add your Javascript code snippet to.  In our case we'll select the Head section and choose 'Add Code'

Step 5.  Copy your Live Chat Javascript Code to your Wix website

Now grab the code snippet you copied in step 2 into the Edit Custom Code section in your Wix Settings as follows: 

Add custom code snippet to wix website

Step 6.  Enable your Custom Javascript Code snippet on your website

Finally, make sure to enable the custom code snippet you entered above once you Apply the snippet by turning on the toggle button for the snippet.

Step 7.  Disable the Wix Chat that is already there

For our case, we want to use the 3rd Party Live Chat application instead of the built in Wix chat because we already use Microsoft Teams and want to continue to use it to chat with visitors.  

To disable the built in chat, just go to the website editor, select the Wix Chat element and click your delete button.  Now Publish your app and your custom code snippet will be active.

Step 8.  Preview your Live Site that includes your Slack Live Chat

That's it.  After publishing your Wix changes, simply view your live site to verify your code snippet is active.  In our case we see the 3rd party live chat widget is active in the Wix website.