Troubleshooting Live Chat for Zoom

In this article we'll cover some common issues you may encounter when adding the Live Chat App to Zoom.

Live Chats are not Routed to Zoom

Sometimes after you add the live chat app to Zoom, you may find that your website live chat requests are not sent to Zoom.  This can happen for a number of reasons but the most common is that you may have signed up for a standalone account with Social Intents with an email address that is different from your email account in Zoom.  

When you run through the auth flow to add Live Chat to Zoom, we lookup your Zoom email address and use that to provision a new account.  If you do have 2 accounts you can contact us to merge them or you can just use the account that uses your Zoom email.  If you are added as an Agent on another zoom account, the account owner will be the person in your Zoom account who set up the live chat widget.

Once logging in to Social Intents, go to your live chat settings and make sure you see the drop down that lists the Zoom channels as below:

Live Chats are Routed to the wrong Zoom Channel

If you want to change where your live chat requests are sent you can change those settings in the Route Chats to Zoom Channel dropdown in your live chat settings in our website.  You can see this drop down list in the image above as well.  Just switch the channel to the new inbound request channel you'd like to set up in order to change the live chat routing.

You did not receive a Welcome Message in Zoom

If you do not receive a welcome message in zoom with a link to your chat and your code snippet, then you may have to run through the Add to Zoom flow again.  Don't worry, you can run though this as many times as you like and we will associate the correct app with your account in Social Intents.  If you want to run through this now, you can just select Add to Zoom here.

When you answer a chat in Zoom you don't see a response

Sometimes when you receive a live chat in Zoom your first instinct is just to type a reply in the main inbound live chat channel.  This will not send a response back to the visitor.  Because our system is set up to manage multiple simultaneous chats, we create a new dedicated channel for each chat once you click Join Chat in the inbound channel.  

Remember to first click 'Join Chat' when responding to a chat, then link over to the new dedicated channel.  In the example below, you would respond I the chat-test-2629 channel.

Live Chats widget is not displayed on the website

Sometimes after you include the code snippet on your website, the live chat is not displayed.  Here are some things to check to make sure you have your live chat settings correct.

1.  Verify when you view source on your webpage that you see the code snippet that you included.  In some cases like in WordPress, you may have a cached version of the page that will need to be refreshed in order to see the chat widget.

2.  Verify the live chat app is enabled in the settings 'Enabled on Site' toggle button.

3.  Make sure that your website targeting settings match your domain.  You can use /* for wildcards but pay particular attention to if your domain uses www or not when you land on it and make sure to also include https:// on the prefix of the domain.