Webex Embedded Live Chat App

Our Live integration for Webex lets you chat with your website visitors right within Webex. With this integration, you can respond to website live chats, modify your chat settings, and view your live chat dashboard.  Use it in conjunction with our Live Chat bot to offer exception live chat customer service.

In this article, we will show you how to add the Webex Embedded Live Chat to your Webex account.

Embed Live Chat in Webex

First choose the Space where you'd like to add our Live Chat embedded app and click the '+ Apps' button to add an embedded app to your Space.

Choose the Live Chat app from the list of embedded Webex Apps.

Once you add the embedded app, you'll see the following screen.  From here just click 'Add to tab' to add the app as a new Tab in your Webex Space.

Sign In or Register for a Live Chat Account

Now you have Live Chat as a new tab in your Webex Space.  The first time you're here, you'll be asked to login or register for a 14-day free trial.  If you already have the Live Chat bot in Webex, you will have already set up a username and password, if not, simply click Free Trial Sign Up and register for your free trial with Social Intents using your Webex Email address.

After signing in your registering you'll see your Live Chat console where you can answer chats, view your chat Dashboard for high level reports, or modify your Chat Settings.

Grab your Live Chat Code Snippet

Now you can install your Live Chat code snippet to your website to enable the chat on any website.  Click 'Chat Settings', then the 'Install Code Snippet' link to grab the code to copy to your website. 

Live Chat is Available on your Website

Once you add the code to the website, you'l see the Chat Widget on the bottom right of your site.  When you start a chat it will look something like below.

Answer Chats in Webex

New chats will be sent to your live chat console in the Webex Embedded app where you can respond immediately to your website visitors.

Finally, Invite livechat@webex.bot to your Space

Now that you have the embedded live chat app added to your Space, you can add our Live Chat bot as well to receive real-time notifications of your live chats in any configured Space.

Simply use this link to add the Live Chat Webex Bot to Webex: Add Live Chat Bot +

You can also go into your Webex App and select the Space you want to chat in.  Then select People and enter our livechat@webex.bot address in the 'Add People to this Space' field.

All set!