Not Receiving Webex Live Chat Requests in your Space?

If you're not receiving new Live Chat requests in your Space or as DM's after you've set up your Live Chat in Webex, you can check a couple things to make sure your configuration is correct.

Add a Live Chat Tab to Each Space you want to chat in 

First make sure you've added the Live Chat bot to EACH Space you want to be able to receive chats in.  You can do this by inviting our bot to each Space.  You can also invite the bot to your DM's if you want to route private chats directly to you from the website.  you can see below that we click on a Space, select Add people, then type in the name of the chat bot:  ''.

Verify you've selected the Space in the Route Chats to Webex dropdown field in your Chat Settings

Once you add the to your Space, you should see the new Space name in your Chat settings as an option to be able to route the live chat requests to.  You should see it in the highlighted Dropdown list below.  Simply change this to the Space or DM that you want to route the chats to.  Just to note, you can access the chat settings directly in your account in Social Intents.  You login with your Webex email and password you set up on our website.  If you haven't set that up yet, simply click on the Forgot Password link in the login page to send yourself a password reset.

Still Not Seeing your Space?  Try to Remove and Re-Add the Live Chat Bot from your Space.

If after a few minutes, you still don't see your Space listed, you can remove and re-add your Live Chat bot to the Space in question, or you can try to create a new Space and add the bot to the new space.  Sometimes the channel sync can take a few minutes.