Setting up Slack Audio and Visual Notifications of New Live Chats

Follow these directions to set up your Live Chat notifications right in Slack so that you never miss a live chat.  

1. Turn on your channel notifications for All new messages.

To make sure you never miss a live chat request, turn on your channel notifications for All new messages.  In Slack, click on your Profile Icon in the top right, then select Preferences.  The first link in the left side is the Notifications settings link.

Make sure this is set to All new messages as in the screenshot below.

2. Turn on your Notifications schedule

Next you'll want to set up your notifications to receive alerts when you are working or when you want to be available for live chat responses.  Some customers choose to keep these on into the evening and also set up their Live Chat schedule to sync up with these times.  This is especially useful if you have Slack on your mobile phone and want to be available for customers when you're away from your desk.

Set your Allow notifications time to the hours where you want to receive desktop and mobile notifications in Slack.

Now you should receive visual and audio notifications of new chats in Slack during the time period you want.

3. Not seeing notifications in Slack? 

There are a couple more options if you are not seeing your chat request notifications in Slack.

Make sure you've added your Live Chat to a public channel or mention the @livechat bot in your Channel

First make sure that you have added the @livechat bot to every channel you want to be able to chat on.  You can also run through the Add to Slack process and choose a new channel if you're not seeing chats correctly in Slack.

Next, make sure that you have your Chat widget routing chats to this Slack.  Go to your Live Chat Settings from the left sidebar on our website, and look at the "Route Chats to Channel" dropdown.  Make sure this field is routing to the Channel you want.

Once you have verified that you are routing your live chat to the correct Slack channel, you should receive the audio and visual notifications correctly in Slack?

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