How to Customize Your Live Chat Settings in Webex

Once you add our to your Webex Space, you can set up your chat widget in minutes and can customize the look and behavior of your Webex website chat.  It's easy to access your live chat settings from Webex in order to set up things like your live chat logo, your colors, and your pre-sales questions that you can ask in your live chat.

When you first add our live chat bot to Webex, we will send you a welcome message.  This will include some helpful links including a button to access your live chat settings.  You can also access them directly on our website at  You simply login with the same email you use to access your Webex account.  We have a separate password that you can set up from either the Welcome email we send you or you can generate a new one using the forget password flow in the login page.

Customize your Webex Live Chat Settings

To access your chat settings, click the 'Update Chat Settings' link in the Welcome Webex message to configure your live chat for your business.  This includes messages, questions, targeting rules and much more.  To login, simply use the Email you use for Webex and the password you activate from our activation email.  If you don't have this email, just choose forgot password at the login page to send a password reset. 

Here's what your chat settings look like when logged into our website.