Answer Live Chats in Webex

Now you can answer you website live chats right from Webex.  With our Live Chat for Webex bot, you can easily answer your chats right from within any Webex Space or using Webex Direct messages.  We'll show you how to do that now in this article.

There are 2 ways to answer chats in Webex.  You can answer either in a shared Webex Space or you can answer using Direct messages in Webex.

You can see when a Live Chat is directed to a Webex Space, you'll see 2 buttons on the live chat invite:  'Accept in Direct Messages' and 'Join with @LIve Chat messages' as below in the screenshot.

Option 1:  Answer Chats in your Webex Space

To answer the chat right from a Webex Space, simply click 'Join with @Live Chat messages'.  If you Join with @Live Chat Messages, you can reply right within the Spaces as a Thread reply.   There are a couple things to keep in mind here.  Always make sure to reply in the same Webex thread as the live chat invite.  We create each live chat conversation in a separate Thread in order to more effectively manage your live chat conversations.  

Also, make sure to mention @LiveChat in each response in this case.  Because of security constraints in Webex, we can only listen to messages that our @LiveChat bot is mentioned on.  Therefore, make sure to mention the bot in EACH response when responding within a Space.  This is not required when chatting in your DM's where you can simply reply to the thread without a mention of the bot.

Option 2:  Accept live chat in your Direct Messages

If you'd rather not mention the bot in each response, you can click 'Accept in Direct Messages'.  This button will move the live chat form the shared Space to DM's.  In this scenario, you can reply to the message thread without mentioning the chat bot.  You can see that you can simply reply to each live chat message from your direct messages without mentioning the bot to chat with your website visitors.