How to Manage Live Chat Settings in Microsoft Teams

When you add our Live Chat application to Microsoft Teams, you can change any of the live chat settings like colors, logos, and chat routing settings right within Teams.  You don't need to login to our main website to do this.

Customize Your Live Chat Settings in Teams

You can find you Live Chat Settings in the left side-bar in Microsoft Teams.  Head over the left side of Microsoft Teams, click on the 3 horizontal dots and search on the Find an app field for 'Live Chat'.  You will be able to find our app settings here.

Once you've selected the our Live Chat application, you will see a number of tabs at the top.  The 2nd tab called Live Chat settings is where you can access all of your live chat widget settings. 

For instance, if you want to chat the Team and Channel where the chats are routed in Teams, you can go t the Live Chat settings tab and the General link to find your general settings.

You can customize the name of your widget, the routing, colors, logos, and enable or disable certain features on the General tab as below.

You can find your code snippet to include on your website under the 'Install Code Snippet' link:

Customize all of the text that the visitor sees for your brand or change the language to your preferred language in the Customize Text link.  You also configure which pre-sales questions you ask when the chat starts in the Customize Text link:

Set up your availability hours for the chat widget under the 'Online Schedule' page.  Outside of your online hours, the chat widget will display an offline form.  You can also hide the chat widget when you are offline (this toggle setting is at the bottom of the General settings link).

Configure canned responses and shortcuts to quickly respond to visitor chat questions on the Shortcuts page:

Set up your integration with Dialogflow in the Chatbot Settings link:

Manage which pages where your live chat is visible in the Targeting link:

And also customize the look of your chat widget under the CSS and Javascript link.  

New to Live Chat?  You can live chat now with this link:  Add Live Chat to Teams.