How to Add Javascript to Google Tag Manager

In this article, we'll show you how to add a Javascript code snippet to Google Tag Manager.  This can be used to include your Live Chat website code to your website simply by adding it to Google Tag Manager.

  1. Sign into your Google Tag manager account and "Select Your Workspace"

2. Click on "Tags" from the left and then "New"

3. Click on the Edit Icon in the Tag Configuration then scroll Custom HTML

4.  Now include your custom script.  For our Live Chat application, find the code snippet in your Live Chat Teams Settings or in your Dashboard on our website.

5.  Include javascript code snippet in the Google Tag Manager

6. Choose a trigger below the Tag configuration screen: Select “All Pages” with the type “Page view”

8. When you're finished, name your Tag, then click Save and Submit.

Now publish your changes and your javascript will be live on your website.